Roger Sanchez – Come With Me

The opening track to “Come With Me” is “Turn on the Music”, and from the opening strains of that track, Roger Sanchez seems to have cemented eir place in the dance hall of fame. There is not that much happening in regards to differing beats or sounds on the track, but the repetition gets tattooed into a listener’s head, while the smooth vocals will get individuals grooving even as they beat get them into a dancing mood.

The inclusion of different vocalists on “Come With Me” is a smart move on Sanchez’s part, in that it shows the one constant as being the solid dance music that issues forth from Sanchez. In a sense, the quality of the vocalists on this album is directly tied to Sanchez, in that ey was the one to pick each and every one of these vocalists in the first place. The second track on the disc, “Take A Chance” keeps with the overall style of the disc, that of a pop approach to dance that oftentimes takes hints from other styles (such as R&B) to get the biggest pop from the audience. “Lost” has to be the sleeper hit of the first half of “Come With Me”, as the slower tempo of this track allows the vocals to shine more than they would if the drums were hitting at 180bpm. “Again” is a track that, with its extreme length, should remind listeners of two almost-dance tracks. These tracks are the Baz Luhrmann freak hit “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” and the Crystal Waters track from a few years back that sampled the theme from The Price is Right. The style is there, but the track is too long to be wieldy.

Roger Sanchez brings back the nineties to dance music. Where so many acts (like Leana) have been trying to add certain flairs to dance music, what Sanchez does is something that is tried and true. Each song on “Come With Me” is something that will easily break into the Billboard Dance Top 20 sand reside there another track from “Come With Me” knocks it off of the list. Sanchez shows tat the past is not always a bad thing for the futuristic sounds of dance music. For a dance mix that will keep individuals on their feet for hours at a time, pick up “Come With Me”. You will not be disappointed.

Top Tracks: Free, Not Enough

Rating: 6.0/10

Roger Sanchez – Come With Me / 2006 Ultra / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 17 July 2006


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