Supremacy MMA (Playstation 3)

There have been a number of games released for consoles that have tried to capitalize on the MMA crazy. Most of them, even those made by AAA game companies, have been flops. However, 505 Games have created in Supremacy MMA a title that has as much replay value as any of the WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw series of titles; even if the game is mired in violence, I believe that fans of all ages will have fun with it.

Understanding that MMA is a sport for professionals is integral for the younger set, which will enjoy the game’s intuitive controls and ease in stringing together different combinations. The ability to take the reins as a number of the most well-known characters in MMA will give players an opportunity to enter into the game, while the presence of female MMA fighters gives a fuller experience to the sport that is seemingly dominated by men. I believe that the slow-motion replays that are present during particularly violent or intense actions will further have players at the edges of their seats, while the lighting and color schemes employed in Supremacy MMA give a darker, more realistic feel than is normally present in MMA-themed titles.

I believe that 505 Games has a hit on their hands, and that they should attempt to update it on a regular basis. Look towards the different yearly sports brands for an idea of what I am talking about, and make sure to lock down the rights to a number of the recently-retired MMA stars. Imagine what a Dan Severn versus Ken Shamrock (circa 1996) battle would look like in Supremacy MMA; I believe that the title is impressive enough but could still be pushed to an entirely new plateau.

Rating: 9.0/10

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