That 70’s Show – Season One (DVD Set)

Mill Creek has been on a tear as of late, releasing a number of seasons of classic shows like That 70’s Show and Roseanne. Even more than that, they do a valuable service for fans of the original show – they ensure that the DVD sets never make it out of print. Furthermore, they provide these sets at a price that individuals can actually afford. For example, both That 70’s Show releases are priced at $15, well below that of even used copies.

There is no sense that Mill Creek is cutting corners, either – the video quality of this release is stellar, with an audio track to match. What viewers are provided with when they watch this DVD set is a full complement of episodes from the first season, showcasing a set of characters that were still very much in flux at this time.

It is interesting to see (now) veteran actors like Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace attempting to gain control of their craft. Many laughs will be had in this DVD set, which can be found at any well-stocked store or online retailers. Strong sales of these first two seasons of That 70’s Show will give Mill Creek the push that they need to continue with releasing these sets. There just are so many laughs to be had with the show that all should pick up this DVD set, whether they were fans during its initial airing or did not have any chance to watch the show.

Rating: 8.9/10

That 70’s Show – Season One (DVD Set) / 2011 Mill Creek Entertainment / 750 Minutes /

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