7K – Knick Knacks and Apparel (CD)

While it true that the production value of 7K during their “Make It Up” is solid, the track present does not have enough energy to do much of anything until the band can corral their forces for a brief time during the midpoint of this track. The tension that 7K is trying to create with the design to hold back guitars towards the end of the track is a tack that most bands do not take, but the act is only able to coalesce this sound into the rest of the track a short time before the song ends. It is during “Suburban Desperado” that the band has some inroads for creating a solid track, but there are again too many in the way of open spaces that just scream to be filled out by more guitar work or drumming.

There is a little more for individuals to chew on during “Suburban Desperado”, but even with that little extra material, there are quite a few pieces of the puzzle missing before the band can chalk up a success. 7K finds a much harder side of their influences for “Stark Raving Calm”. It is during this track where the band finally has enough material to fill a track, and this is done by having the drums fill up any open spots that the band may create during the track.

There are hints of both Three Days Grace and Disturbed during this track, so fans of either of these acts will be able to find something that they like with 7K during this track. The great thing about this set is that 7K provides quite a few other tracks on the DVD that are not present on the EP. For example, “Ministry of Pretense”, The Wrong Girl, “Who Dies First” and “Master of Fate” are all tracks that are on the DVD that are not present on the EP. The combination of aural and visual is one of the smartest decisions that 7K makes on “Knick Knacks and Apparel”. What needs to be done for future recordings in either domain has to be an increase in the sheer amount of material that 7K places into each track. “Remember Me” is a solid track, but it is surrounded by songs that for one reason or another just do not reach to the level that is needed for 7K to be known on a mass market level.

Top Tracks: Make It Up, Remember Me

Rating: 4.7/10

7K – Knick Knacks and Apparel / 2006 Self / 13 Tracks / http://www.7khq.com / Reviewed 22 December 2006


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