Beautiful Boy (DVD)

Michael Sheen and Maria Bello star opposite each other in Beautiful Boy, a title that looks at the darkness that is present when a couple decides to separate. The sheer emotional intensity that is present in Beautiful Boy is more than enough reason to watch the film – I would even venture that it should be required reading for any couples that would be on the verge of breaking up. The title begins with the revelation that their son committed a heinous crime.

The scenery, the ambient noise, anything extraneous just represents icing on the cake for this film. The rest of the characters in Beautiful Boy add a similar sheen to the title, with the efforts turned in by Deidrie Henry (Bonnie), Kyle Gallner (Sammy) and Bruce French (Sammy) ratcheting up the film further. There needs to be little more than the interplay between Bill and Kate; the whole of humanity and social relationships are contained with each line, response, and hurt that is contained here.

Viewers will be glued to their seat by Beautiful Boy, as all seek to answer whether Bill and Kate will be able to find solace in their strained relationship, or if it would make more sense just to hang up the towel. Shawn Ku’s conclusion to this film is something that has to be seen to be believed, so make sure to pick up this release either on DVD or Blu-Ray. This is a solid debut film for Ku, and I know that I will be eagerly anticipating anything to come from eir neck of the woods in the months and years to come.

Rating: 8.5/10

Beautiful Boy (DVD) / 2011 Anchor Bay / 90 Minutes /

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