Come of Age: The Road to Spiritual Maturity (Book)

South Africa seems to be a land of considerable faith. We at NeuFutur cover many of the bodybuilding competitions, and the South African competitor was the only one to come out to a praise song. Angus Buchan is also from South African, and has penned Come of Age. This title showcases the difficulties that one will experience as one that holds faith. Rather than be beat down by life, the promise of an eternal existence – an afterlife – should be the goal that keeps individuals going.

Come of Age showcases the steps that one can take to ensure that they are living a good and Christian life. Where some faiths are more focused on Jesus’ forgiveness, Buchan’s book focuses on the good deeds that an individual can do as a part of a good life. Readers are expected to read the events that are present in Come of Age and interpret them as comparable to their life.

I believe that Buchan’s strongest suit comes in this broad applicability. One may never have been to a farm in their life, and the things that ey describes here will still be extremely salient to readers. Kregel (and sub-unit Monarch Books) have released this title at an approachable price (around $11), so make sure to purchase this title for your own perusal or as a great gift for friends or family. Keep an eye on Buchan’s feature film, Faith Like Potatoes. I believe that it will dovetail nicely with what Buchan writes here.

Rating: 7.3/10

Come of Age: The Road to Spiritual Maturity (Book) / Angus Buchan / 384 Pages / Kregel /

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