Dux Xleep (Pillow)

It seems as if a pillow is destined to fail. If one purchases a cheap product, there is a good chance that they will be replacing it after its fibers start to break down. If one spends a little more in the way of money for a down pillow, it will need to be fluffed on a weekly basis from now until it spouts a hole. However, we have received a pillow in the Dux Xleep that is very durable and will keep its form, no matter how hard one sleeps on it. I personally find myself getting neck aches on a regular basis, but the Dux Xleep is able to combat it with the presence of a spring system. This allows for cradling, rather than forcibly keeping one’s noggin up – the down that is in the pillow adds the softness that purchasers will crave.

If you are in the market for a pillow (and who isn’t, at least a few times a year?), make sure to pick up a Dux Xleep from a number of the Duxiana stores that are present through the United States. The durability of the Dux Sleep is enough that any additional premium that one may need to pay ultimately turns into a net financial gain, owing to the length of time one will ultimately be using the pillow. It is simply the best pillow that we have ever owned, and Duxiana seems to be the company we will go back to whenever we need bedding goods and other similar types of materials.

Rating: 9.3/10

Dux Xleep / Pillow / http://www.duxiana.com

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