Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (Xbox 360)

There is a focus on Generator Rex: Agent of Providence for the younger set. However, I believe that the game has more than enough legs for all fans of video games, and that the experience present on Generator Rex: Agent of Providence is sufficiently fun to merit the game’s cost at retail (39.99). This is largely due to the different skills that players will be able to utilize as Rex, which are based on the different builds that are available to eir on the show.

The graphics on Generator Rex: Agent of Providence are great for two distinct reasons. Not only do they challenge the graphical limitations of the Xbox 360, but they also largely fit into the groove that is created in the show. The different levels are crafted with care, which means that players will feel as if they are actually going through varying experiences rather than re-colored versions of the same level. The high energy achieved by Generator Rex: Agent of Providence makes this a game that is genuinely fun to play over and over, while there is a free-form aspect to the title that will further increase the game’s replay value.

Activision has a hit on their hands with Generator Rex: Agent of Providence; while this is a title based off of a cartoon, I feel that one could strip away the Generator Rex trappings and have a game that is sufficiently strong to stand on its own. Even if you are not a fan of the show, I would strongly advise that you pick up Generator Rex: Agent of Providence if you are a fan of action titles in the slightest – pick this up at any local game-stocking store, and you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 8.0/10

Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (Xbox 360) / 2011 Activision /

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