Glitch.FM Founder Great Scott Drops New EP on Muti Music + Freebie and Music Video

Glorious Dystopia, Great Scott’s newest release on Muti Music, is a display of how far the producer has come as much as it is an emotional reflection of humanity and our surroundings. “Dystopia Movement 1 & 2” are so beautiful that they rip your heart wide open with emotion, as the release otherwise ranges from the intense and even edgy. Always flowing, the eight track EP is sprinkled with big drums alongside glimpses of introspection and innovative synthesis. Uplifting moments are abound in “Mad Hydraulic Bounce” and “My Sashimi” that would rage fans of Pretty Lights or STS9 as much as they would a Breaks dancefloor. Collaborators Royal Sapien and Dual Core bring a very fitting flavor to the mix with their unique vocal offerings. To commemorate the album release, Zebbler (designer and operator of the Shpongle “Shpongletron”) of Zebbler Encanti Experience crafted a music video for “Looking Good”, adeptly blending visual cognition with Great Scott’s aural ingenuity.

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Author: James McQuiston

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