House of Suh (DVD)

House of Suh is a fascinating film. This title marks the first foray into film by Iris Shim; ey captures the horrific events that took place in September of 1993, where a brother and sister combination planned out the murder of the sister’s significant other. The film starts out with a description of the generations between Andrew and Catherine While the events that are covered with the title are a unique occurrence, one has to wonder how many of these feelings are present in the populace.

The way in which Shim covers the chain of events is enthralling. Conducting interviews with Andrew and other members of the Suh family, Shim is able to see where the duo went awry both in terms of social constraints in the American and Korean subtexts. This is a heady film – while each individual interviewed has their own distinct personality, one has to properly understand the broader psychological implications that were at play.

I believe that House of Suh is an important film. While there was much ink and video given to this murder when it originally happened, current generations of viewers are not likely to know what happened. By giving an hour and a half to this particular subject, Shim is able to provide a much more laser-like focus to the topic. This has not been done before, and as a result, House of Suh represents the end all, be all movie about this topic. I would strongly suggest picking up this title if you would like to understand how ethnic and cultural differences could rapidly lead to unforeseen outcomes.

Rating: 8.0/10

House of Suh (DVD) / 2011 Indie Blitz / 95 Minutes /

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