Pillow Pets (Nintendo DS)

Pillow Pets are one of the latest kids’ fads, and it is not surprising that there would be some sort of video game released to capitalize on that trend. However, what I find surprising is that Pillow Pets is such a solid title, all things considered. The title is a little simplistic in terms of overall layout, but this effort is destined for the younger age brackets. The goal for players is to ultimately collect all of the game’s 16 pillow pets, which possess different animations, motions, and voices.

Game Mill has done a great job in imbuing these sprites with the same sort of light-hearted feeling that is present with the actual toy line, and this is furthered by the differentiation in the game’s regions. These regions, Slumber Land Castle, Rainbow Valley and Fantasy Woods, each have a very unique feel to them. Where there has been a tendency in past licensed games to put in the bare minimum of work, Pillow Pets showcases some serious care that has been put into it. Checking out each of the game’s landscapes provides players with hours’ worth of solid fun.

Continued vigilance in terms of playing Pillow Pets will unlock additional benefits to the player – there are hats, glasses, shoes, and other materials that players will be given each time they put in a little work to the game. I cannot think of a better holiday present for the children in your family than Pillow Pets – the game has a nice difficulty level for players, while ensuring that bright colors and frequent additions to one’s inventory will keep them coming back for more. Here’s to hoping Game Mill can get their hands on a number of other childrens’ properties – I have no doubt in my mind that they will do them justice.

Rating: 7.1/10

Pillow Pets (Nintendo DS) / 2011 Game Mill / http://www.gamemillpublishing.com

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