Protein Bullet (42 Grams)

Quite possibly the worst part of my workout is drinking protein shakes to recover. The flavors typically are pretty atrocious, and the amount of liquid is too much for me. This is especially present on hard workout days, where I just want to sit like a lump on my chair. However, Protein Bullet has just came onto the market, and it is a product that I will be purchasing on a regular basis.

The 42 grams of whey isolate protein is contained in 2.8 fluid ounces of fluid, which is flavored in Wild Berry, Orange Cream, Watermelon, and Lemon-Lime. These flavors are more natural tasting, and this subtlety is just enough to hide the whey flavor without driving individuals away with overly-flavored drinks. Rather, one just needs to take two drinks of the Protein Bullet and they will have finished it. The sturdy design of the Protein Bullet makes it easy to pack the product around in a gym bag, purse, or rucksack.

I cannot think of a way that Protein Bullet fails to impress. The four flavors represent enough variation to keep individuals interested over the course of months, while the price per case ($43 for 12 bottles, with free shipping) is right in line with different ready to go protein products. Given the chance, there is no reason why individuals should not get behind the Protein Bullet – it provides all the protein one could need without using inferior concentrate. Protein Bullet is the most innovative fitness product that we have reviewed this year, and I believe that anyone that is looking for muscle gain or proper nutrition should look into buying a box.

Rating: 9.7/10

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