Radley Metzger’s Erotica Psychedelica (Blu-ray)

Radley Metzger’s Erotica Psychedelica set contains three films – 1969’s Camille 2000, 1970’s The Lickerish Quartet, and 1972’s Score – along with a beautifully-designed box to contain them. This box set also contains footage taken from Metzger’s set, along with a soundtrack CD that captures the unique and compelling scores laid down for the films.
The Blu-Ray format makes each film pop. For those with bleeding-edge video systems, the 1080p encoding showcases a set of films that look great despite their age. While there is a little bit of dirt that pops up from time to time on the films, it provides no distraction for viewers. The audio contained in this set is perfectly serviceable, letting viewers take in all of the dialogue and atmospheric effects with no trouble. Perhaps the best inclusion on this Blu-Ray set would have to be the audio commentaries laid down by Metzger eirself. Metzger is matched on these commentaries by Michael Bowen, a film historian that pushes Metzger to remember a tremendous amount of minutia from the filming and publicity tours associated with the films. Giving Voice To The Quartet, a featurette from The Lickerish Quartet, is tremendously interesting in terms of the information that it provides. Specifically, one will learn in this featurette that all of the dialogue spoken by the four had to be added in post-production. The resulting film does not show anything of the sort, showcasing the talent of all involved in the film.

While this set has a MSRP of about $85, individuals can find it available at online retailers for about $50. This set will be a perfect purchase for anyone that is looking to get into the films of Radley Metzger and wishes to have as close to Metzger’s vision as they can.

Rating: 8.5/10

Radley Metzger’s Erotica Psychedelica (Blu-ray) / 2011 Cult Epics / Limited Edition, 3,500 Copies / http://www.cultepics.com

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