Setherial – Death Triumphant (CD)

“Death Triumphant” starts out in a fairly normal way. The band is playing at breakneck speeds, but there is nothing that brings Setherial to that next level. The first track on the disc is “Limbo of Insanity”, and while it is fun to listen to, one cannot hear anything that has not been done before on this track. The title track begins in much of the same vein, with Setherial occupying a space that is leagues beyond many metal bands on the market but not doing anything that will necessarily catapult them into the upper echelons of the metal genre.

The one thing that the title track does for Setherial is increase the range of sounds that they are known for; the intricate drumming during this track is the first high spot for a band that has done an impressive job sticking with the middle of the pack until then. The tracks that Setherial put on their “Death Triumphant” are a little longer than usual (with a number of tracks here clocking in at the four and a half minute mark), but the band more or less has enough material to fill up each of the tracks on the disc. “With Veins Wide Open” continues the innovation for Setherial. In this track, stopping and starting (and other ways that the band messes with their overall sound) is what keeps Setherial all fresh and new for all that may be focusing in on the band. The drums again step up to the plate; their presence is what starts to bring Setherial out of the mire that has entrapped a number of other metal acts.

Setherial is an act that still needs to tighten up their sound slightly; by including different influences into some of these tracks, the ending result would by that “Death Triumphant” would be a much more solid album than it is currently. The album is good, but as was previously mentioned, something is missing here that if present would push things over the top. The metal that they place on their “Death Triumphant” is hard, brutal, and relentless. There are hints of black metal at times during this disc, and this inclusion opens up the door for other insertions of different heavier musical styles in the future. Wait for the next Setherial album to come out, and chances will be good that the band can mature and bring a more varied sound to all fans of all different types of metal.

Top Tracks: Aeons of Bloodlust, Inhale the Embers

Rating: 5.5/10


Setherial – Death Triumphant / 2006 Candlelight / 9 Tracks / / / Reviewed 11 October 2006

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