THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT announces track-listing for “Contain Us” box-set

On November 29th, THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT will be releasing “Contain Us”, a special tribute box-set for their epic quadrology (Ki, Addicted, Deconstruction, and Ghost) that was designed and created by Man Alive’s Tom Bejgrowicz (who also conceived the classic and must-have Misfits Coffin box-set). Pre-orders are now exclusively available at CM Distro, so be sure to reserve your copy of the ultimate Hevy Devy collection here! See below for the track-listing.

“Contain Us” track-listing:

• Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, 2010
• Coast promo video
• Bend it Like Bender promo video
• Supercrush promo video
• Juular promo video
• NAMM 2011 show

DVD 2 (Data disc with audio/video files)
• NAMM 2011 show (audio files)
• Audio commentary for all 4 albums
• Live in the USA, 2010 (audio files)
1. Supercrush
2. Kingdom
3. Truth
4. Om
5. By Your Command
• Bend It Like Bender song stems for remixing
• Juular song stems for remixing
• Poopynuggeteer’s YouTube video clips
• Deep Thoughts videos

1. A Monday
2. Coast
3. Disruptr
4. Gato
5. Terminal
6. Heaven Send
7. Ain’t Never Gonna Win…
8. Winter
9. Trainfire
10. Lady Helen
11. Ki
12. Quiet Riot
13. Demon League

1. Addicted
2. Universe in a Ball
3. Bend It Like Bender
4. Supercrush!
5. Hyperdrive!
6. Resolve!”
7. Ih-Ah!
8. The Way Home!
9. Numbered
10. Awake!!

Deconstruction (Remastered)
1. Praise The Lowered
2. Stand
3. Juular
4. Planet Of The Apes
5. Sumeria
6. The Might Masturbator
7. Pandemic
8. Deconstruction
9. Poltergiest

Ghost (Remastered)
1. Fly
2. Heart Baby
3. Feather
4. Kawaii
5. Ghost
6. Blackberry
7. Monsoon
8. Dark Matters
9. Texada
10. Seams
11. Infinite Ocean
12. As You Were

Official bonus tracks from all 4 albums:
1. Synchronicity Freaks
2. Om-2011
3. Catwalk (Fucker rework)
4. Juno
5. Ho Krll
6. Radial Highway
7. Watch You
8. Traestorz
9. Sticks And Stones

Demos from each album plus various unused/unreleased songs:
1. Coast (demo)
2. Disruptr (demo)
3. Gato Negro (demo)
4. Addicted (demo)
5. Numbered (demo)
6. Timmy (Awake! Demo)
7. Stand (demo)
8. Juular (demo)
9. Brown Man (demo)
10. Pandemic (demo)
11. Madd At My Dadd (demo)
12. Flies (Fly demo)
13. Call Management (demo)
14. Freedom (Kawaii demo)
15. Two Turntables And A Mike St-Jean (Kitchen Aid mix)

Limited Edition 10″ (500 made, available in deluxe-set only)
A. Dinosaurs
B. A Ziltoidian Rapture

For more details about “Contain Us”, read on for the official box-set specs:

• A 12″ x 12″, 64-page, perfect bound book featuring a charcoal linen
hardcover with ink-less debossing of the DTP logo on the front and
applicable titling on the spine.
• Housed in an uncoated, charcoal linen, hardcover slipcase – presented
with a photographic portrait of Devin inset on the front and ink-less
embossing of applicable titling on the spine.
• Contains the following: the DTP albums: Ki, Addicted, Ghost, and
Deconstruction plus 2 bonus DVDs and CDs. The DVDs have one
featuring live performances and all the DTP promotional videos while
the other has audio commentary for all 4 albums, live audio tracks,
song stems for remixing and more. One of the audio CDs features all
the bonus tracks from the DTP sessions with the other having the DTP
session demos. Ghost and Deconstruction were both remastered just
for this set.
• The 4 DTP albums will be housed within the front cover’s pastedown
while the 4 unreleased discs will be in the back’s.
• The interior features acid free, linen-embossed charcoal end papers
and museum-quality, dull text and cover stock throughout.
• The center of the book will feature a double gatefold printed on cover
stock and comprised of the 4 album covers.
• A clean, crisp, classic-yet-modern design featuring color and B&W
imagery throughout. Materials include Devin and the band’s personal
archives, photography from around the world, and any
Inside Out/Devin-related photoshoots from the period.
• A permanently attached, purple fabric linen bookmark.
• This edition is limited to 5000 copies worldwide
• 500 individually-numbered, limited edition copies that include two
exclusive items: A. An autographed lithographic print featuring original
artwork by Devin drawn exclusively for this edition, and B. A 10″ piece
of vinyl featuring two exclusive tracks, “Rapture” and “Dinosaurs”.
Note: 250 copies of the record will be pressed on black vinyl while the
other 250 are on white.

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