THQ WWE All-Stars (Nintendo 3DS)

There have been a tremendous amount of different wrestling games for the different handheld consoles, and pretty much without fail, they have been sad recreations of the games for the current generation. However, I feel that THQ has outdone themselves and has made a handheld console wrestling title that contains the same high amount of energy of both wrestling and the PS3 / Xbox 360 versions of the title, all while having a very unique flair throughout.

I personally feel that the different classes of wrestlers that one can choose from (acrobat, big man, brawler, and grappler) will provide a seriously intense bump to the replay value, while the sheer number of different moves that are accessible to players will make it always interesting when one pops the title into their 3DS. The blend of current generation superstars – John Cena, The Big Show, Rey Mysterio – along with classic wrestlers like the Macho Man Randy Savage and Andre The Giant – will make for matches that are truly dream-worthy.

For those that wish to see how they would hang amongst all of these storied wrestlers, the sheer amount of customization that is present in the 3DS WWE All-Stars is without comparison. With the strategies that are used with each class of wrestlers unique to that class, one will be playing through the title at least four times. THQ WWE All-Stars is the perfect holiday gift for young and old, and will be one of those titles that will stick around one’s 3DS for longer than a few weeks. If you would like to purchase a game that has a tremendous amount of replay value without being a puzzle game, I would have to strongly suggest this one. Check it out today.

Rating: 9.1/10

THQ WWE All-Stars (Nintendo 3DS) / 2011 THQ /

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