Weird Al Yankovic Live – The Alpocalypse Tour (DVD)

Weird Al has been creating parodies of popular songs for thirty years, but is able to still cut an interesting song parody at a fairly regular basis. More interesting would have to be eir stylistic parodies, which are original compositions that are couched in the unique style of artists like Devo or Neil Young. The Alpocalypse Tour captures the live side of Weird Al, who goes through eir expansive back catalog to create a live show that kill be uproarious.

The main feature of The Alpocalypse Tour is live concert footage, which covers all of Al’s biggest hits. This means that Fat, White & Nerdy, and Amish Paradise are all here. The fidelity of these live performances are solid, with Weird Al’s vocals being incredibly close to studio-quality. Quick camera shots contain all of the action, while there seems to be a tremendous amount of audience participation for each of the DVD’s live performances.

There are a number of bonus features that are present on The Alpocalypse Tour DVD. Eir two latest videos – Polka Face and Perform This Way – are both present, while three distinct performances (You Make Me, You Don’t Love Me Anymore and Frank’s 2000-inch TV) are here as well. A look into Weird Al’s psyche is here, created through the inclusion of a number of Youtube videos. Weird Al has continually embraced visual media as a way to make eir parodies all the more salient, and The Alpocalypse Tour does just that while keeping a light feel. If you are a fan of Weird Al in the slightest, make sure to pick up this DVD. It is available pretty much anywhere that sells either DVDs or music releases.

Rating: 7.0/10

Weird Al Yankovic Live – The Alpocalypse Tour (DVD) / 2011 Comedy Central / 86 Minutes /

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