W’s Guru Organic Full-Zip Hoodie | W’s Cottonwood Cord Pant

We have reviewed singular clothing products in NeuFutur in the past, but I believe that Mountain Khakis has provided an amazing outfit for the autumn and winter months. This outfit combines the W’s Guru Organic Full-Zip Hoodie and W’s Cottonwood Cord Pant; both of these products have a contemporary but not overly flashy look. This translates well to whichever event one finds themselves in; our reviewer was able to rock these during hiking, attending class, and even wear them in casual dining establishments. When looking for holiday or birthday gifts, I would suggest picking up these two items as a set.

The W’s Guru Organic Full-Zip Hoodie is a re-envisioning of the top; available only online, this hoodie comes in three different colors. Made from a dense cotton / polyester blend, the hoodie will keep one warm through a good chunk of the rest of the year. To separate the hoodie from countless other ones on the market, there is a cute design in the contrasting color – the celery (beige/yellow) hoodie has a blue/green design, for example.

In terms of bottoms, the W’s Cottonwood Cord Pant represents the perfect blend of warmth and functionality. Coming in Berry (red), Chocolate (brown), Slate Blue and Avocado (green), the Cottonwood Cord has a very heavy feel from the cotton/Lycra blend that Mountain Khakis uses. Coming in a range of sizes from 0 to 16 and lengths for regular and long wearers, the sheer amount of customization that can be had with the cords (and by extension, the outfit) is considerable. The strong stitching and durable wear ensures that one will have the cords for a number of years, no matter how much one beats them up.

Rating (Hoodie): 8.3/10
Rating (Pants): 9.2/10

W’s Guru Organic Full-Zip Hoodie | W’s Cottonwood Cord Pant / http://www.mountainkhakis.com /

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