A Shoreline Dream – Avoiding The Consequences (CD)

A Shoreline Dream is just that; the opening few minutes of their “Avoiding The Consequences” builds up slowly, with the band creating a very dreamy and tenuous musical approach that finally get into something more substantive about three minutes into the disc. The guitar and drum dynamic of a track like “Laying This One Down Now” is similar to that of “Disintegration”-era The Cure; the band does not need much in the way of vocals during this early part of the disc because their arrangements speak for them. When the vocals do finally kick in, they are more instrumental than anything.

The vocalist may be saying words, but they work well paired with the guitars toward the end of “Laying This One Down Now”. This is the case for the vocals throughout the majority of tracks on “Avoiding The Consequences”. A Shoreline Dream is so much of an instrumental act that it is not surprising that the vocals never take a driver’s seat when it comes to tracks on the album. The richness of the compositions on “Avoiding the Consequences” will allow listeners to sit back and zone out for the hour that this disc spins. When I looked at the cover of this album, I was expecting more of the same emo music that has infiltrated all parts of popular music. Needless to say, I was very surprised when such a mature recording hit me square in the face. Each subsequent track is another strong step forward for A Shoreline Dream, and the album will do much to solidify their place among all of the emotional, dreamy rock bands currently cutting albums.

When the band does throw a curveball at their listeners, as is the case with the very lyrical “Focus The Present”, the band does not abandon the ideals that their relied upon in the past. This allows “Avoiding The Consequences: to be a cohesive unit, and for individuals that may not know exactly what A Shoreline Dream is about to get a full dose of the band. The band resides in that place between Desert City Soundtrack and The Charlatans; while there is not a direct comparison to be made, jus tknow that A Shoreline Dream desires to be place alongside such storied acts. The tempestuous album that awaits listeners is something that no true music lover should miss. Order this album and get your favorite bean bag chair ready.

Top Tracks: Focus The Present, Motherly Advice

Rating: 6.3/10

A Shoreline Dream – Avoiding The Consequences / 2006 Latenight Weeknight / 13 Tracks / http://www.ashorelinedream.com / http://www.latenightweeknight.com / Reviewed 09 October 2006


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  1. Thank you for the posting. I appreciate the fact that you took a deeper listen into what we are trying to accomplish as a band. So often our intentions are missed when our work is only given a quick once-over. Keep up the excellent work.

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