ASICS Cross Back Bra Review

Working out as a woman provides some negatives (namely breasts) that impact working out. A good workout bra is essential, and ASICS has created just that. The straps are made of a solid material that keeps everything stationary, while the fabric is light enough to not increase one’s body heat. The bra comes in a black/white or a white format, which allows for a wide array of workout outfits to be used. The inclusion of the chest band to the Cross Back Bra has to be the best inclusion, as it works in tandem with the straps to make worrying about placement no major issue.

The double-layered cups increase the durability of the bra, while the straps on the Cross Back Bra are able to be adjusted considerably. Taken together, the Cross Back Bra is perhaps the best workout bra that we have had the chance to cover for NeuFutur. The quality, price, and comfortability of the product make it incredibly easy to bestow that honor. A wide array of sizes ensures that anyone that is concerned about their workout can benefit from the Cross Back Bra.

At $40, there is no reason that one should not purchase a Cross Back Bra from ASICS. The durability of the product is unmatched, while the material allows for sweat to be wicked away while still being conformable. Check out the websites linked above for their full lines, sale items, and the latest in news about the company – I believe that they will be providing more information about new shoe efforts and more in February.

Rating: 8.7/10

ASICS Cross Back Bra / WU0903 / /—Bra-Tops/ASICS-Cross-Back-Bra-WU0903-Womens/

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