BCAA Reload (Intra / Post-Workout)

In the last few months, we have gradually come to accept that supplementing with BCAAs is essential during both intra and post-workout phases. The amount of soreness and muscle catabolization that can be avoided by supplementing with BCAAs is astounding, and anyone that is looking to push their workout to the next level would do well to purchase one. Understanding the versatility that is present in a product like MRM’s BCAA Reload is integral, as BCAAs are the foundation for maintain one’s peak physical condition.

The miscibility of the BCAA Reload powder is considerably better from other similar products on the market. The compounds that are used in a BCAA powder typically do not mix well, leading to a chunky and otherwise unpleasant drink. MRM uses a better grade of raw material leading to great solubility and a taste indistinguishable from popular electrolyte drinks.

If you have been limited in the past to pre-workouts and proteins, the next step forward would be to get a BCAA powder. Based on our experiences with other offerings currently on the market, we would have to give our strongest recommendation to the BCAA Reload on the market by MRM. It comes in two flavors – Lemon and Watermelon – with the cost per serving price at the low end of things. With a stellar taste, one will be eagerly anticipating their workout. Check the product out today.

Rating: 8.9/10

BCAA Reload (Intra / Post-Workout) / http://mrm-usa.com

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