Elfen Lied Complete Collection (DVD Set)

This complete collection showcases stellar video and a solid translation, a combination that will have viewers watching all six-plus hours of the show through.

Elfen Lied is a show that breaks the anime genre free from its typically younger-leaning moorings. There are darker elements to the story, and Sentai has kept them all in this collection. No matter whether one likes subtitles or straight dubbing, this release has it. I believe that the sticks closely to the original Japanese language, but it is nice to actually hear the original Japanese language and see the show in a fashion comparable to that when it was originally aired.

However, Elfen Lied is not a show that merely looks to shock. Whenever there is violence or nudity in the show, there is a contextual and storyline reason for it. Just as the show does not insult its viewers by pandering to too young of a fan base, it does not insult them by including extravagant amounts of either. The show is influences considerably by cinema, and bounces around from horror to drama and even to romcom (romantic comedy).

The full run of the show completed in 13 episodes, but the depth and nuanced nature of the storyline will increase the replay value considerably. Section 23 has provided viewers with a cheap (currently available on online retailers for $28) and fulfilling way to enter into the Elfen Lied world. Check out Sentai’s 2012 slate for more information about their releases and new properties; a short collection of trailers from other Sentai films is presented on this DVD set as well.

Rating: 8.3/10

Elfen Lied Complete Collection (DVD Set) / 2011 Sentai Filmworks / 325 Minutes / http://www.section23films.com

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