Heelys Wave Shoe Review

The Heelys design has been improved to allow for larger weights (adult-sized individuals) to be able to enjoy the footwear in the same fashion as children. I feel that the rubber used on the sole allows for the shoes to have a lifespan of some tens of thousands of miles, while the wheels that are employed here are of the highest quality. No matter whether one is using the Heely WAVE for just a pair of shoes or for a method of transport, they serve that purpose admirably.

I feel that the build quality of the Heelys Wave is incredible; while the gimmick of having a shoe with wheels would be the only drawing point for the efforts of a number of companies, Heelys have ensured that their Wave will not give up the ghost easily. This means that the stitching is taut, ensuring a uniform quality and look to the shoe. The foam that is used to cradle the foot did not get beaten down, even when the shoes were being used for hours a day. The tongue was comfortable and ensured that one’s foot did not move in the slightest while wearing the shoe. All together, the Heelys Wave is one of the most comfortable and close-fitting skate shoes that we have had the pleasure to review on NeuFutur.

While Heelys have not released all their designs in adult sizes up to this point, I believe that moving into the adult realm will introduce an entirely new generation to the wonder that is skating around on a normal pair of shoes. Look on their website and in their web store to see the new designs that they will be releasing through the rest of 2012, and jump on the Heelys bandwagon if you have not to this point.

Rating: 9.0/10

Heelys Wave / http://www.heelys.com / http://shop.heelys.com

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