In-Win Mana136 Case Review

Computer cases are not seen as important as they should be. In a previous computer build, we had to spend a day’s worth of time testing out each component part, just to ultimately figure out that the case was poorly designed and was killing the signal to the motherboard.

We received the Mana136 case for review. It can currently be purchased for $70 at Newegg. This case allows for up to 3 5.25” drives as well as 6 internal (3.5”) drives. In-case space is ample, ensuring that one will not need to force or otherwise struggle when putting in components. For those that want the fastest possible response times, the Mana136 case has included two USB 3.0 ports on the front. I personally liked the placement of the power supply at the bottom; it just opened up the rest of the case for me. The only thing that could be seen as a weak point is the force that is needed to turn on the power switch – the square, flush button that is present needs more effort to turn on than I was familiar with. This is something that one will easily get used to after a few days with the case and should in no way be seen as a deal breaker. The ventilation that this case provides will keep one’s CPU, video card, and hard drives running cool, even when running games at their highest levels.

In Win is a company that is attempting to provide computer cases with the functionality that individuals need without the prices that are usually assigned to cases. The sheer amount of cases that the company produces ensures that individual will find the case that they need for the build that they want.

Rating: 9.5/10

In-Win Mana136 Case / ATX Mid Tower /

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