Prolab Quick Fire (Fruit Punch / Blue Razz)

Pre-workouts are one of the most essential types of supplements that one can use. However, what goes into a pre workout varies greatly based on the company releasing the product, so a large amount of care needs to be taken before buying one. The latest pre-workout that we have received is Prolab’s Quick Fire, and we are happy to say that it provided us with the energy and sustained power needed to complete our workouts.

Quick Fire blends together elements for one’s contained building of lean muscle and establishment of a tremendous amount of energy. Finally, the presence of a “Mental Clarity Complex” will allow to decrease any sort of crash feeling that would normally be present after the pre-workout loses steam. We were able to go and power through our workouts with a ferocity and a speed that we have not seen for a while, while keeping the weights at (near) all-time highs. The best thing about the Quick Fire is the lack of creatine here; this ensures that one that is on a cutting phase can continue to supplement with the product. Make sure to link this pre-workout with a proper intra/recovery supplement, vitamins, and a solid protein to ensure that muscles are not catabolized.

The flavors that we received – Blue Razz and Fruit Punch – mixed extremely well into the recommended amount of water (8 to 12 ounces), providing a solid flavor profile that will make various juices a run for their money. Prolab has the Quick Fire in a number of serving sizes, so check out a sample of each flavor whenever you can.

Rating: 8.2/10

Prolab Quick Fire (Fruit Punch / Blue Razz) / Pre-Workout /

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