Riotgod – Invisible Empire (CD)

Riotgod was formed in 2007 by Bob Pantella and Jim Baglino. Both having previously been with Monster Magnet. There somphomore CD “Invisible Empire” has been released via Metalville Records and is the follow up release to the their self titled album “Riotgod”. Invisible Empire is solid from beginning to end, with a heavy and mature rock sound. The band definitely has something unique going for it, some would put them in the stoner rock category. For me it has more of a 70’s groove and heavy bluesy sound, mixed with Seattle 90’s grunge. (Led Zepplin meets Soundgarden)

Mark Sunshine has great vocals. Reminiscent of David Coverdale mixed with Chris Cornell. But Sunshine has much more power in his voice. listening to songs like “Tomorrow’s Today”, one can’t help but hear a familiar hint of Soundgarden and a young Cornell. The band slows it down a little for “Gas Station Roses” and the acoustic ballad “Rebirth”, which makes the heavier songs sound even heavier. The band has made sure that you will not get bored. Then there’s “Hollow Mirror” weighing in at a little over 9 minutes. Perhaps a bit long for a new generation with a short attention span. The first track “Breed” will sound very familiar to fans of Wolfmother. And sets the tone for the whole CD.

Overall, Riotgod’s second release is worth a listen just for being unconventional. They have tapped into something quite good, and very creative. It’s good old fashioned roots-laden heavy melodic rock. If they stay on track, they have the talent to challenge some of the current dull mainstream rock that is out today. If your a fan of Zeppelin, Wolfmother or Soundgarden, I would highly recommend Invisible Empire.

Rating: 8/10

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