Rising – To Solemn Ash (CD) Review

Rising is a sludge band from Denmark. Members are Jacob Johansen (drums), Henrik W. Hald(vocals/bass) ,Jacob Krogholt(guitars), formed in 2008. Previously releasing a self titled ep in 2009. And a 7″ vinyl “Legacy of Wolves” in 2010. They have also recorded a full length CD “To Solemn Ash” with Exile on Mainstream and has a much sought after US release. Exile on Mainstream usually signs bands that are somewhat off the beaten path. “To Solemn Ash” has a great producer in Jakob Reichert Nielsen and was mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon,) and the album features art by video director Jakob Printzlau ,aka Plastic Kid (Lack, Volbeat)

“Mausoleum,” “Sea of Basalt” and “The Vault” are excellent tracks to open the CD. They have great riffs and melodies that will stick in your head (at work I was singing “Mausoleum,” all day). Slow and heavy songs that are hardcore just the way they should be! 70’s hard, progressive rock with a little punk thrown in. Only one weakness as it can get a little repetitive by the end. Still, this is a minor concern and does not take away from the quality of the cd.

At first listen you can definitely hear a familiar sound similar to Mastodon or Baroness. You can feel the power and the Vocalist/Bassist Henrik has a fantastic voice! Not sure who to compare him with… Rising has a lot of familiar influences in there sound. (Mastadon comes to mind) Yet still stands on it’s own. All in all, an impressive debut. Rising is a band to keep your eyes on.

They will be touring massively in support of “To Solemn Ash”, planning a full European tour in spring 2012.

7/10 rating only because it’s a little repetitive

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