Skin Like Iron/Nails – Split (CD)

Skin Like Iron and Nails have released “Split” a 7”. Getting together to make this self-released EP. Hailing from San Francisco, the members of Skin Like Iron are Alex Capasso (Guitar & Vocals), Ryan Mattos (Bass), Joseph Raygoza (Drums) and Clark Todd (Guitar). Two tracks provided by Skin Like Iron are, “Disappear”, and “The Parade”. The two songs dish up hardcore mixed with thrash. They play fast and right up in your face. To me it is more thrash than grind flowing through their music. Alex’s vocals mix very well with the instruments. With everyone blending together nicely. This helps to increases their intense sound. A lot of Grindcore bands would have a tough time accomplishing this while Skin does a great job. The artwork was handled by Alex Capasso who has handled all the art for previous releases for the band.

Nails on the other hand comes from Oxnard California and has a totally different approach. “Annihilation” is more crushingly heavy with buzzsaw guitars and vocals reminiscent of 90s death metal. “Cry wolf” is 24 seconds of hardcore, beat your head against the wall! Which gives aggression a whole new meaning. Split would be worth your time even though not entirely original. It is a good value and does a good job of providing aggressive, in your face attitude tracks from two fairly well known local California hardcore bands .

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