The Shimmers – The Way You Shine (CD)

There is a very organic sound to The Shimmers’ opening to “The Way You Shine”. This has much more in common with the folk music of the late sixties and early seventies than anything in the current period. If anything, the only act in the last few years that The Shimmers can compare themselves to in the last few years would have to be Davison/Coleman. The presence of two vocalists in The Shimmers allows “The Way You Shine” to have a much fuller sound than would be the case if there was only one vocalist for the band.

The interesting thing with this album is that the tracks all have a very common instrumental sound, but the presence of these vocalists allow individuals to hear different facets of The Shimmers. “Sun Goes Down” continues this seventies sound to the point that there is a blend of Cat Stevens and traditional Irish music. This results in something classic sounding that is benefited completely by the very deft production values of the track. The fact that The Shimmers can add different elements (like the strings in “Sun Goes Down”) to their general sound so well shows that the band has talent well beyond the amount of years that they have been playing music together.

The tender sound of tracks like “You Want More” plays more to the folk leanings of The Shimmers, and while there is little more than a guitar and vocals during the opening section of this track, there is still a fullness that The Shimmers create. The interplay between the ropy, almost bass-like lines of the guitar and the vocals during this track further increases the enjoyment one can have at “The Way You Shine”. I would put The Shimmers alongside acts like Devendra Banhart and Vetiver, while the soulful, seventies sound distinguishes The Shimmer from all other individuals currently on the market. Each of the songs makes individuals think about the concepts and arrangements that The Shimmers insert into the track, while there is simultaneously a radio friendliness that will ensure that a wide swath of humanity that will listen to “The Way You Shine” will love this album. If you are a fan of any of these genres mentioned in the review, The Shimmers’ album “The Way You Shine” would be a smart purchase, that is for sure. Find this album before it goes out of print.

Top Tracks: Jesus Is My Friend, All My Days

Rating: 6.9 / 10


The Shimmers – The Way You Shine / 2006 Transit of Venus / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 11 November 2006

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