Timberland – Men’s LiteTrace Mid Waterproof Hiker – Orange

Timberland is one of the world’s best known boot companies. This is for good reason – their boots simply stand head and shoulders above other products on the market. I believe that the blend of rugged footwear with more casual styling will serve any buyers well. The amount of time that one will be able to use these boots is greater than that expected of even a well-made boot. The stitching, leather used, or and heel material makes this into a must-have show.

The boot’s design removes much of the clunkiniess that individuals associate with the shoe style. While it is true that this effort weighs more than a comparable pair of shoes, I believe that the way in which a wearer’s foot is cradled removes much of this problem. The arch support in these boots is stellar, making long trudges through rough terrain more of a fun activity. After an hour or two of hiking, one will not have to deal with the sore feet that are such a hallmark of these sojourns. Cleaning these shoes is easy, whether one decides to just spot clean or scrub the whole thing down.

Even after runs through mud or snow, the vibrancy of the boot’s color does not fade. While there are functional reasons for wearing these boots, I believe that they will add a considerable amount of fashion for anyone that picks up a pair.
Check out Timberland’s website today to have a better idea of the shoes that they will be releasing for the Spring. I have no doubt in my mind that these new efforts will maintain the same high quality that Timberland is known for. Keep an eye on NeuFutur for continued coverage of Timberland’s unique and sturdy products.

Rating: 8.4/10

Men’s LiteTrace Mid Waterproof Hiker – Orange / http://www.timberland.com

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