Brokaw – Interiors (CD) Review

Brokaw the punk/stoner band from Seattle, Washington recently released their debut LP “Interiors” back on Januaury 24th. band members are G. Stuart Dahlquist (bass) Mike Henderson (vocals) Rick Troy (guitars) Rich Medic (drums) When asked about the bands name they replied “We chose the name because it’s simple yet has some very complex associations,” says Brokaw’s bass player Stuart Dahlquist. “And masculine which might reflect our music/composition process accurately.” “Interiors” was Recorded and Mixed May 14-17, 2011 By Greg Norman At Electrical Audio, Chicago Mastering: Levi Seitz / Black Belt Mastering

Brokaw’s full length is eight tracks of loud in your face hard rocking stoner metal! It opens with the very raw sounding “Ambulance Red.” The bass is very dominant and the tempo is very fast and upbeat. Interiors mixes some of the best of punk, rock, stoner metal blended together perfectly . The first track “Ambulance Red,” has heavy bass with good lyrics and punishing guitars. My personal favorite track is “Politicians By The Pool” just for it’s hardcore bass intro and excellent guitar work.

The disk is pretty short only 8 tracks around 30 minutes long. Even though it is short I listened to it several times there is something catchy about this release. “Interiors” is an album that I think most stoner punk metal enthuasists will want to add to their collection. As for the mainstream they may not care so much. Keep an eye on “Good To Die Records” I think we will see a lot of quality releases and their influence will be felt pretty quickly.This is an great debut album and i am sure there will be a lot of success ahead for them. The band has “Berlin Heart” and “Terms of War” available for streaming on their Bandcamp page see the links below.

Rating 8/10

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