Dynasty Warriors Next (Playstation Vita)

I believe that the Dynasty Warriors series has been one of the most successful in video gaming history because it takes little time to learn and bundles a tremendous amount of martial history in each level. Dynasty Warriors Next is the latest iteration in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and it is also the first DW game that has been released for the Playstation Vita.

I believe that the transfer over to the Vita has done wonders for Dynasty Warriors. The frenetic action that has been such a hallmark of the franchise is replicated brilliantly in terms of the overall feel along with the graphics. Ensuring that each attack comes at the right time is important both in terms of staying alive as well as vanishing one’s foes. I believe that Tecmo has established a solid control scheme that will not cause any sort of discomfort to players. The inclusion of the PSV’s touch pad and sensors into the overall game play of Dynasty Warriors Next makes for a wholly different experience than has been had.

What results in Dynasty Warriors Next is a title that will have players hungering for more. I believe that there is not a weakness to be found in this game. Fans of the DW franchise will be able to pick up the game immediately, and those that have not played the game in the past will get an accurate representation about the franchise and what has made it so special. Pick up a PS Vita if you have not already and see what all the hubbub is about; Dynasty Warriors Next is a great game.

Rating: 8.5/10

Dynasty Warriors Next (Playstation Vita) / 2012 Tecmo Koei / http://www.tecmokoeiamerica.com

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