In Time (Blu-Ray)

Justin Timberlake looks to make eir triumphant return to the silver screen with In Time, and shares equal time with Amanda Siefried. The film focuses on a future in which no one is forced to get old; they can pay to stick around the world. The movie focuses on Timberlake’s character coming upon a surplus of time, even as eir mother has passed on. A chase sweeps up all the actors – will Timberlake be validated, or will those appointed to monitor be able to keep eir down? The premise of In Time will be something that fans of the suspense as well as the sci-fi genre will be able to chew on; nothing about the film’s overall premise is too far removed from reality.

The quality of the audio and video sides of In Time are simply unsurpassed – Fox has outdone themselves in making for an experience that approximates real. Life. The 5.1 surround mix of the film captures every ambient noise while properly highlighting and otherwise bolstering the audio track. Fox has included three different features for viewers to take on – there are fifteen minutes of trailers from the 2012 crop of Fox films, while the additional 13 minutes of deleted features do much to flesh out the film’s skeleton.

While tongue in cheek, “The Minutes” is informative about how the life described in In Time came to be. Few films have such rigor in fleshing out their universes, and I believe that In Time as a movie is something that should be picked up by fans of Timberlake or Seyfried or of the aforementioned genres. I know that I will be watching it again.

Rating: 8.3/10

In Time (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Fox / 109 Minutes /

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