Kuru – Chicane Shoe Review

These are some comfy shoes. They are also incredibly versatile, and should be the next purchase when one gets their taxes back or a Spring disbursement. This is because Kuru is able to create a fashionable shoe that is comfortable while providing arch and back support. Taken all together, the Chicane is a shoe that performs admirably no matter what one throws at it. The tread will provide considerable traction on glossy tile just as well as it will allow individuals to dig in to dirt or loam. The give of the top of the shoe gives purchasers a closer feel, as tying the Chicane up will create a snug fit.

The rounded toe on the Chicane is easily overlooked, but provides wearers with a tremendous amount of comfort. By not forcing the toe to conform in any unnatural way, individuals will be able to wear the shoes longer and do more in them. While there is an axiom linking suffering to beauty, I believe that those that purchase a pair of the Kuru Chicanes will be able to receive both without breaking the bank.
At a hair under $100, the Chicane is a shoe that will last considerably longer than comparable shoes. The light-weight design, coupled with the dreamy fit and sharp fashion set, provides it with ample additional value. Check out the rest of their line, and see how Kuru’s efforts can fit in your wardrobe. Kuru is an ascendant brand, and I believe that it will only be a matter of time before the name hits a wide swath of all households. Kuru does offer Men’s shoes as well – pick up a second pair and you and yours will be able to look like a fashion plate no matter what activity one enters into .

Rating: 9.2/10

Kuru – Chicane Shoe Review / Black-Delirium / http://www.kurufootwear.com

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