NeverDead (Xbox 360)

Konami has created this game with the comic fan in mind. There is no sense that the character that you play can actually die – one can go through the proverbial woodchipper and still live to tell the tale. Bryce, the demon hunter that players are tasked to use, is someone that makes eir livelihood through the killing of demons. Bryce has to stop a massive demon attack that could lead to the whole-sale destruction of a city. Armed with a wide array of weapons, players during NeverDead will be blazing their way through wave after wave of baddies.

The game is further differentiated from a straight hash and slash adventure through the inclusion of ample puzzles that will twist players heads’. Bouncing between the gun and sword options, the replay value of NeverDead is increased substantially. I feel that this film has been fueled by ample viewings of films like Army of Darkness – the diologue that is present between Arcadia and Bryce is over the top in all of the right ways. In fact, the dialogue that is contained here further add to the comic book quality that was laid down through the game’s animation style and control scheme.

I would like to see additional titles granted to the NeverDead universe – there is just so many ways that subsequent titles could add to the mythos. Change up the stage design to something more Asian or Greek influenced, give Bryce different weapons, or even allow for four players to take on all the perils and pitfalls that are presented players in this title. Until that point, I know that I will be playing ample amounts of NeverDead – you should too (ask for it for your birthday!)

Rating: 8.4/10

NeverDead (Xbox 360) / 2012 Konami /

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