Psycroptic – Inherited (CD) Review

The sheer amount of different bands that are trying to make a name for themselves creating some variant of metal is astronomical. One would be shocked if they saw the sheer amount of flotsam that we had to wade through before picking up Psycroptic’s latest album, Inherited. I believe it is the determination of the act that makes this album so strong. Carriers of the Plague is the album’s first cut, and the sharpness of each guitar riff and drum beat will be what immediately hits listeners.

It is to this skeleton that the band adds through the balance of Inherited. For example, each member of the band is able to put something toward Forward to Submission. This track showcases Psycroptic’s diverse influences; they are able to flesh out the technical metal genre through their inclusion of seventies metal, hardcore, and even a little bit of punk at the periphery. I believe that Inherited represents an evolution for Psycroptic over 2003’s The Scepter of the Ancients and 2006’s Symbols of Failure. When one relates a track like Become the Cult or From Scribe to Ashes to 2008’s Ob(Servant), I believe that there is a freshness that was not quite as present on the earlier title.

Deprivation is a perfect penultimate track for the band; the band’s ability to close up loose ends makes for a great ending to the disc. Psycroptic is one of the best tech-metal bands currently together, and 2012’s Inherited album is a strong return to form. If you liked their earlier work or the genre generally, I would strongly behoove you to pick up Inherited.

Top Tracks: Carriers of the Plague, Unmasking the Traitors

Rating: 8.7/10

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