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It is hard for a beer company to continually innovate. This is made all the more difficult when it feels that may beer companies are utterly complacent with the beers that they are currently releasing. Samuel Adams is one of the few breweries that are actively changing their efforts in a meaningful way, and this is a great amount of the reason why I find myself picking up a sixer whenever I can make it out to the store.

I believe that fans of witbiers will be able to get down with the Alpine Spring. While there is a bitter taste that is present in many of the efforts in this style, I feel that Samuel Adams is able to moderate this considerable. This means that while the beer does have some bite to it, that it ultimately seems effervescent and refreshing at the end of each session.

The beer itself unites a variety of different classic styles – Helles, spring bocks, and Kellerbiers are all touched during the creation of the Alpine Spring. I contend that the company has also looked at the golden styles that have fueled American beer and have picked only the most flavorful notes.

If you are interested in the Alpine Spring, make a sojourn out to your local well-stocked beer store, supermarket, or gas station (if your state allows). A sixer will likely run about $8-10. This is a limited-time release, so make sure to pick it up before Samuel Adams moves to their next unique offering. Microbreweries should look at what the company is doing – they are able to continually have unique beers without going too far in left field to do so. They make beers for a current America, and I thank them.

Rating: 8.1/10

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