Shining – Black Jazz Live (CD/DVD Review)

Norways own Jazz metal group “SHINING” have released a live cd/dvd entitled black jazz live. The band members are Munkeby (Vocals, saxophone guitar), EWI Lofthus (Drums) Kreken (Bass) Moen (Keyboards and synths) Sagen (Guitars) A Jazz doom metal band straight out of Norway. Their lyrics consist of suicide-themed lyrics, Shining’s music is often referred to as “suicidal black metal” although the band themselves would point out that they are not a Black Metal band.  Mixed by Sean Beavan (Marilyn MansonNine Inch NailsSlayer)
Mastered by Tom Baker (Marilyn MansonDavid LynchNine InchNails)

This group is by far the most unorthodox band I have ever heard. Mixing free form Jazz with doom metal You have to give it a listen to fully appreciate what they have accomplished here! Trying to find the right words “barely controlled chaos”  Is probably the best way to describe this release. Shining’s technical prowess is very impressive and translates well in a live setting. If you like the studio version of Blackjazz, you will definitely want “Live Blackjazz”. The music is high energy and there are a couple of songs from other albums on here too. From the opening song “Fisheye” to the last song, a cover of King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man,” Shining will give you a jolt like nothing you have ever heard before!
highly recommended mainly for originality! they have recently announced they will be playing at the “Hellfest Open Air Festival” If you get a chance go see them!
                                                                             Rating 9/10
                                                        Where The Ragged People Go (2001)
                                                             Sweet Shangai Devil (2003)

In the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be a Monster (2005)
Grindstone (2007)
Blackjazz (2010)
Live Blackjazz (2011)

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