Thierry David – Stellar Connection (CD)

The opening track to Stellar Connection, Portal Quest, does a tremendous job in setting up the rest of the album. The haunting melodies and urban soundscapes that issue forth provide a foreboding sense of dread. David’s ability to speak directly to his listeners is why this disc gets off of the starting blocks with such momentum. Plenty of Space builds off of Portal Quest, and it is this six-minute track that fills in some of the open spaces that were left with the initial track.
David’s strongest side to these early tracks is truly his ability to create a narrative with little more than instrumentation and atmosphere. The tracks here may all be in the five to seven minute range, but listeners will feel time slipping by. A Long Crossing is much more delicate in overall sound than other efforts on Stellar Connection, and is invaluable in showcasing a different side to David’s music. The inclusion of warmer elements to what had been a darker and introspective recording turn this into a must-listen. Magnetic Spiral is a track that adds a more traditional and even aboriginal flair to David’s toolbox, and provides further expansion to an album that is already wide open.

Even with tracks on the latter end of things – Breathing the Harmonic Mandala and Galactic Bliss, to name two – David is still able to impact and astonish with his recordings. This represents a solid effort for listeners which to meditate and for those that what substantive music to devour fully. Stellar Connection is a title that matches its subject perfectly – all the wonder and vastness of space is contained in this hour of music.

Top Tracks: Plenty of Space, Surfing the Blue Orbit

Rating: 8.4/10

Thierry David – Stellar Connection (CD) / 2012 Real Music / 13 Tracks /

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