A Town Like Alice (DVD)

A Town Like Alice was originally a book by Nevil Shute (On The Beach). VCI’s version of the film is the stellar 1956 release, and the company has provided viewers with an incredibly clean and sharp print. The film is particularly interesting as it provides viewers with a sense of an independent woman’s life during World War II. Recently moved to Australia, Jean Paget is provided a chance to move away from the hum-drum life that has been afforded to eir. What results is a tremendously interesting film. However ,this film is made all the more interesting when one puts themselves into the role of a 1956 English moviegoer.

The ethnic, far away feel of the film is considerable, while Shute’s original writing has no lack of action or adventure. 2012 moviegoers may be a little nonplussed about the locales that are chose for the film, but I believe the film’s strong cast and camerawork makes A Town Like Alice incredibly compelling even today. The story of Finch and McKenna is one that could be told in any one of hundreds of cultures at a similarly large amounts of times, and this is precisely the reason why current viewers will fall in love with the film.

VCI adds a considerable amount of value to their DVD release of A Town Like Alice. This is because there is a documentary about the creative process that lead to the creation of the film. This documentary includes interviews with both Jean Anderson and Viriginia McKenna. Keep an eye on VCI and their Rank collection. I believe that the value-priced DVDs will do much to foster the love of mid-century British films, all of which have been largely ignored in favor of more esoteric and continental releases from the time.

Rating: 8.5/10

A Town Like Alice (DVD) / 2012 VCI Entertainment / 111 Minutes / http://www.vcientertainment.com

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