Alexia Foods – Parmesan Lemon, Whole Grain, and Spicy Sweet Potatos

I have been a fan of Alexia Foods for a long time. We typically picked up a bag or two of their Oven Reds or Oven Fries every time that we went to the store, but we were able to receive a number of their newer offerings for review. I believe the biggest inroads that they have made come in their Spicy Sweet Potatoes, which are able to link together a flavorful blend of spice to the sweetness of the sweet potatoes. When cheese is added to the mix (we used cheese curds), the resulting plate is heaven. Their Parmesan Lemon fries are the strongest product that we have received. By putting them in the oven, they crisp up nicely. The blending of the cheese with the acid of the lemon creates something utterly new, and will be ravenously devoured by anyone in the general vicinity.

Their artisan breads line has a new addition, as well. Their Whole Grain bread just needs to be warmed up, and provides a healthy way to complete a dish. These rolls taste perfect just buttered, or can be used in a pinch as a bun for a slider-like burger.

The next time that you make it to your local supermarket, check out their frozen displays. They should have Alexia products – if not, talk to a manager and see if they can begin to carry them. The quality of these frozen products far outstrips what the typical companies are releasing, and are priced at a comparable amount to them. Check out their display for their House Cut Fries, which should be released in the next few months; if they are as good as the other products that we reviewed here, count me in for a few bags.

Rating: 8.6/10

Alexia Foods – Parmesan Lemon, Whole Grain, and Spicy Sweet Potatos /

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