Bizarre Foods Collection 5 Part 2 (DVD Set) Review

Many online retailers have Bizarre Foods Collection 5 Part 2 available for under $20. With ten hours of footage present, this makes the cost per hour at about $2. This should make Bizarre Foods Collection 5 Part 2 a must buy for any fan of Andrew Zimmern. Continue to check out Bizarre Foods; the current season has Zimmern focusing on all the crazy foods that have made the United States such a unique place. These episodes chronicle Zimmern’s time in such exotic places as Suriname and Indonesia.

While the previous series had Zimmern more or less in the groove when it came to a culture’s crazy foods, I feel that the different locations provided in this DVD set really push Andrew to eir breaking point. Cuisine is a multi-faceted thing, and I believe that Bizarre Foods hit its stride when it comes to the episodes in Seasons Five. There is simply no other place in which Zimmern feels so at home when faced with cobra blood, piranha, and the like. The sheer amount of guides, food bloggers, and otherwise interesting individuals allow different sides of Zimmern to surface. What results is an all-around fun time, and taken all together, an experience that will consume nearly a half day of a viewer’s time.

The presence of the four bonus episodes on this DVD set will provide viewers with a considerable amount of extra value. I believe that the inclusion of these episodes will also provide viewers with some information about how the other seasons of the show ran, which could then lead towards purchasing part of Season 2 or 3, for example. Pick up these releases at any brick and mortar or online retailer; you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 9.0/10

Bizarre Foods Collection 5 Part 2 (DVD Set) / 2012 Travel Channel / 602 Minutes /

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