Chronicle: Music From The Motion Picture (CD)


Chronicle: Music From The Motion Picture features a number of tracks from up and coming bands; their unique efforts here make for a compelling and surprisingly cogent narrative for Chronicle. This first track on this CD is Blonde Acid Cult’s Calypso, a track that contains a considerable amount of beefiness that belies the more laid-back style of the instrumentation.

Bad Veins’ Gold and Warm comes fresh on the heels of the expansive Tell You So, by Longcut, and provides a tremendous amount of material placed in a short time. Where this would normally push the track to the cluttered side of things, the Bad Veins are able to create a number of distinct layers. This has the benefit of providing to listeners ample material for subsequent listens, with an additional benefit of further momentum for those listening to the entirety of the disc. Class Actress’ Keep You is another great track, as it shifts, modifies itself, and hits listeners as a considerably different product than it was at its onset. The big guns are provided time on the second half of the soundtrack, with M83’s This Bright Flash providing the perfect ending to this soundtrack. Taken together, the largely electronic-based cuts on this release provide a solid set of highlights to the film; I believe that these tracks are much of the reason why I want to pick up a copy of Chronicle.

For those individuals that like titles about aliens living alongside humans, check out the feature film which these tracks were taken. Chronicle, the directorial debut of Josh Trank, pushes boundaries both in terms of the film’s genre and the realism of the special effects implemented here.

Top Tracks: Gold and Warm / Bad Veins, The Shaded Forests / Deastro

Rating: 8.6/10


Chronicle: Music From The Motion Picture (CD) / 2012 Milan Records / 12 Tracks /

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