Cricket 5250 Ceramic Heat Dryer

The range of qualities that are available in the hair dryer section of a store is substantial. It pays to do some serious research into what each product does. The Cricket 5250 is a stellar buy, as it is leaps and bounds above similar products both in terms of quality and functionality. This ceramic heat dryer is light (13.7 ounces) and has three different heat options.

The cold shot function can add the perfect amount of pizazz to a finished cut, while the accessories present will focus and otherwise make possible what is typically impossible. The heat produced by the Cricket 5250 will not destroy hair integrity, and the number of different settings (the heat and speed options are kept separated) will provide the perfect and styling for the widest swath of hair qualities. The price is sufficiently low (around $120) and the build quality sufficiently high that anyone in the market for a hair dryer would do well to pick this up.

Where normal qualities of hair dryers will have them conking out after a year or two, the Cricket 5250 will be serviceable for 5, 10, or even more years. This model is designed for professionals, but is simple enough to produce great results from even the most casual of users. Check out the Cricket website today for more information about the range of products that they are currently offering, as well as the different products that they have on their 2012 slate.

Rating: 9.3/10

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