Defending the Realm – The Battle of Britain (DVD)

I believe the most interesting thing about war is how different battles and events are construed by other cultures. While the Battle of Britain was an important battle no matter where one sat in World War II, I feel that it is much more important in the eyes of individuals that were directly impacted. This documentary does well in describing the importance of the battle to American viewers, while keeping the runtime down (less than an hour) for those that do not want to get too far into the minutia of the skirmish. David Jason (from The Darling Buds of May and Only Fools and Horses) is the host of Defending The Realm. I believe that this is a solid decision, as there is a perfect blend of grave demeanor and vitality. There is information regarding the largest sides of the battle, but I believe that the discussion of individual stories and nearly-forgotten facts will interest even those that are extraordinarily familiar with the battle.

I personally would like to see other British-centric battles be chronicled in the same way as The Battle of Britain. I believe that there are tens, if not hundreds, of battles that would be captured in a similarly interesting way. This DVD is a must have for anyone that fancies themselves a fan of World War II, or of a systemic breakdown of wars and battles generally. There is considerable replay value with this DVD, so the $18 purchase price on online retailers should be no major issue.

Rating: 8.3/10

Defending the Realm – The Battle of Britain (DVD) / 2012 BFS Entertainment / 48 Minutes /

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