Dr. Maas’ Choice for Pillow Stackers


I absolutely detest having to purchase a pillow from a department store. The pillows themselves are overpriced and typically made poorly. It is because of this that I have attempted to find a better option, and was able to happen upon the Sleep For Success website. This website provides assistance for all sides of the sleep equation – aside from the pillow that we received, Dr. Maas also has written a book (Sleep for Success) that will allow readers to get the best sleep of their life.

The pillow is more substantive than any other that we have reviewed – one will be unable to feel the mattress through this pillow. No matter where one ultimately sleeps on the pillow, they will have the same experience. Where pillows normally begin to clump up after a few washings, the material used in Dr. Maas’ Choice for Pillow Stackers stays as a uniform entity. The quality of the stitching is similarly strong, meaning that one will not have a blowout of fluff after a few washings.

However much one reads, having a solid pillow is absolutely essential to get fulfilling sleep and the energy that one needs for the night. Make sure to pick up a pillow for your bed, and take on some of Dr. Maas’s other products and suggestions (one of eir comforters is our suggestion) to make sure that you can get to and stay asleep in the months and years to come.  The cost of the pillow (about $70) is small, considering it will stay on your bed for years (unlike other pillows, which should be replaced every few months). Check out Dr. Maas’ website for eir products and sleep suggestions; it is updated on a regular basis.

Rating: 9.2/10


Dr. Maas’ Choice for Pillow Stackers / King Size / http://www.sleepforsuccess.info/

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