Grimm’s Snow White (DVD)

The story of Snow White is ingrained into the collective memory; I believe that it would be hard to find anyone that has not seen the Disney feature, for example. The Asylum knows this, and has picked up this re-imagining of the Snow White story. Grimm’s Snow White is a popcorn type of flick, with vibrant scenery, over the top action, and CGI that has to be seen to be believed.

The basic story of Grimm’s Snow White does not differ from the Disney feature – there is an evil queen, a virtuous young woman, a hunter, and a number of small gentlemen that provide assistance to that woman. However, there are a number of twists and turns that are new to the Snow White mythos – a dragon, elves instead of dwarves, and a much dourer rescue story than was present in earlier versions. I found the choice of scenery in Grimm’s Snow White to be the strongest suit of the film. The feature was filmed in Austria, and makes use of the ancient castles and structures that litter the landscape. What results when watching the film is full immersion in a decidedly different world than in which we live – by the time that the film finishes, one will have a shock coming back to the current time.

The Asylum’s version of Grimm’s Snow White possesses sharp visuals and audio that will utterly boom given a good home entertainment system. While diehard fans of the Disney feature will likely not like this title, I feel that Eliza Bennett, Jane March, and the rest of the cast make for a compelling re-telling of this timeless tale. Check out The Asylum’s website for more information regarding their 2012 releases.

Rating: 7.4/10

Grimm’s Snow White (DVD) / 2012 The Asylum / 90 Minutes /

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