Jewel Link Mountain: Mountains of Madness (Nintendo DS)

Mountains of Madness is a title that attempts to keep individuals interested through match 3 jewel boards, and I believe that it is one of the few rare examples where the title can keep individuals interested throughout. The level design varies considerably, all while containing the same sort of threads that ensure that players will keep interested.

The inclusion of a considerable amount of power-ups to Mountains of Madness give players further replay value. For example, after finishing up the title the first time, attempt to create the largest possible combinations. The game’s four distinct modes ratchets up the replay value up further; one should play through each of these to The game is difficult for those that may be completely new to the genre, but the learning curve is not insurmountable.

Rather, a few times with the title will turn even the most novice individual into an expert. Mountains of Madness is available from online retailers starting at about $20, which is considerably cheaper than other DS games at one’s local department store.

I believe that the versatility of Mountains of Madness is such that players of all ages and skill levels will be able to seriously enjoy the title. I believe that there is considerable room for expansion, so here is to hoping that Maximum Family Games can issue a few others in the franchise in the years to come. With the graphics on Mountains of Madness vibrant and the control scheme utterly intuitive, the reasons to purchase this title are legion.

Rating: 9.0/10

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