Metal Shifters (Blu-Ray)


Metal Shifters is an incredible film. The plotline is something that has not been done before – a mysterious satellite starts to impact the city of Redeemer, Idaho. What seemed to be nothing more than a bit of scrap starts to take over various living creatures and turns them into metal. This becomes a problem when the satellite gains some form of sentience. Whether the city is able to last, or this abomination is able to walk free, is the climax of the film. To make plot point easier to swallow, the cast and crew puts their all in. Merritt Patterson is an actress that will be getting more looks in the months and years to come, while Colby Johannson adds further authority to the cast.

The video quality of Metal Shifters is stellar, with a crispness that one only normally associates with a movie theater. The clarity of the vocals links well to this visual quality, and will ensure that viewers do not have to rewind the main feature to pick up a plot point. There are special effects used, but I believe that it does not significantly impact the film either way. This is what good effects are supposed to do – they add to the film considerably but do not take the attention away from the cast.

I personally like the featurette that is present on this Blu-Ray, a fifteen-minute look into the different plot elements and performances that make Metal Shifters. If you would like to watch a fascinating film, give Metal Shifters a spin. I believe that the premise would normally be a little too out there, but the direction and roles turned in makes the film considerably stronger than others of its ilk.

Rating : 7.9/10


Metal Shifters (Blu-Ray) / 2012 Anchor Bay / 90 Minutes /

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