Muscleology – Nitro-Pro Cookies and Cream

While there are a number of protein products that fill store shelves at any point during the year, it is truly rare when a company is able to create a new protein. Up and coming company Muscleology has created their Nitro-Pro, a whey isolate protein that should be in the possession of anyone that is concerned about their muscle gain.

The 139 calories in a scoop of Nitro-Pro is on the low end of isolates, while there is a bare minimum of fat (.5G) and cholesterol (6 mg) present. To keep the protein from negatively impacting one’s diet, Muscleology has sweetened their Nitro-Pro with Stevia. The protein offsets these through the inclusion of three distinct complexes – their Nitropro-BX7, Nitrogrowth X14, and AHA. These complexes dramatically decrease the amount of recovery time one needs before they can make it back to the gym and ensure that lean muscle will not be catabolized. For those individuals that pose at a competitive level, the small amount of sodium similarly cuts the bloating that is normally present when one supplements with protein. The miscibility of the Nitro-Pro is stellar – one can even put the protein in a bottle of water, shake, and they will have a smooth drink that goes down perfectly. The Cookies and Cream flavor is delicious, making the ritual of drinking a protein drink into one that individuals will actually look forward to.

At about $59 for a three pound jug, there is no reason that one should not shift over to the Muscleology protein just as soon as their current stores run out. Keep an eye on their website for more information about their 2012 slate of products, and see how Muscleology can work for you.

Rating: 9.0/10

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